Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Another Louil Hill

The Louil Hills Trail in Terra Nova National Park is a popular hike that features a side trail of stairs leading to a hilltop that provides spectacular views of the park and surrounding land. This area also has the Malady Head trail which can be a moderately stiff climb to a sensational lookout point.

This summer, the Park staff have created a new, short trail that goes to the top of one of the Louil Hills  which also rewards the viewer with surrounding scenes of land and water, including views of Traytown, Culls Harbour and, in the distance, Glovertown.

Terra Nova National Park overlooking Traytown, Culls Harbour, Glovertown
Traytown, Culls Harbour and, in the distance, Glovertown.

The trail is neither long nor difficult, although some sections of bare rock could be tricky in wet weather. It's a straight, well marked path that takes about 20 minutes each way and there are very sturdy stairs constructed for the last section to the hill top.

Access from the Trans Canada Highway to the road that leads to Eastport, commonly known as "Road to the Beaches". There are two turnoffs to Traytown on this road and the trail access is between these two, on the left side as your go toward Eastport but before you reach Malady Head campground.

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