Thursday, 11 August 2016

Garden Cove Trails

Garden Cove trails are not often listed in searches for Newfoundland hiking but they are well worth  the short drive down the Burin Peninsula.

View from Big Rock Hill Garden Cove Newfoundland

map Garden Cove, Goobies, Clarenville, Trans Canada Highway Newfoundland

Directions:   Turn down the Burin Peninsula on Hwy 210 at Goobies. The second available left turn will take you to Garden Cove. At Garden Cove bear left and you will see a sign for Trail Parking at the end of the street.

The trail is very well maintained, with many sections of board walk. A short ways down there is a sign indicating a side trail on the left to Big Rock Hill. Like the sign says, "For the brave and hardy". This trail starts off with a very steep climb then travels through woods and along boggy sections until it makes a final climb to the top of Big Rock Hill. 

Garden Cove Trail Newfoundland

There are sections of board walk but the trail can be a bit wet in places, especially after a rain.  This is prime habitat for Pitcher Plants, the official provincial flower; Bakeapples and Blueberries can also be seen and picked in late summer or early autumn.

Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purperea
Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purperea

Big Rock Hill Garden Cove Newfoundland
The big rock, probably an erratic moved here by glaciers, is in several pieces now but it is an impressive sight at the top of this hill.

View of Swift Current Newfoundland from Garden Cove Big Rock Hill
There are many fine views of the surrounding land and sea. Looking west you can see Swift Current and the surrounding rock formations, including Bear's Folly.

After returning to the main trail, it's only a short walk to a shelter built by the water. Inside there is a wooden box containing binoculars and four guest books.

From here there is one more short side trail to Placentiaman's Point, a lovely quiet spot by the water that would be perfect for a relaxing lunch. 

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  1. Very informative. spectacular photos .The breath taking view from the top is well worth the climb. Very enjoyable day.